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Java Generics and Collections ebook download

Java Generics and Collections. Maurice Naftalin Maurice, Philip Wadler

Java Generics and Collections

ISBN: 0596527756,9780596527754 | 288 pages | 8 Mb

Download Java Generics and Collections

Java Generics and Collections Maurice Naftalin Maurice, Philip Wadler
Publisher: O'Reilly Media

Java 1.5 came with Generics and all collection interfaces and implementations use it heavily. Java Generics and Collections is the "companion book" to The Java Specialists' Newsletter. I'm new to java and I got a test today and kind of failed to make it, I was hoping that someone could explain it to me because I still don't get how to use Generic collections. A well written book that explains generics really nicely, including some difficult concepts. This comprehensive guide shows you how to master the most important changes to Java since it was first released. The java generic program feature is unfamiliar to most of the programmers. Importance of Generics and Java 5 features like Enum, Autoboxing, varargs and Collection utilities like CountDownLatch, CyclicBarrier and BlockingQueue are getting more and more popular on Java interviews. For more information refer to Java Collections. The generic helps to avoid unnecessary casting when dealing with objects in a collection. Code designers will be using generics to make code more flexible in more than just collections. 16 Questions I 175 Attempts I Created By billdotnet 1215 days ago. Since I've been taken to task in the past for my cogent observations of Java's, um, shall we say "unintuitive" behavior, particularly in the era of generics and autoboxing, I'm just going to put this one out there without making any (public (explicit)) value That is, inside the method, any subclass or SuperType could be added to the list (since it's just a Collection of SuperType) but then List would not only contain SubtypeOfSuperType objects. Summary on some java generics presentations/postings. Free download eBook Java Generics and Collections pdf epub from direct-link. SCJP (310-055) Generics and Collections. Wildcard is a supertype of all kinds of collections. Gilad Bracha, Generics in the Java Programming Language. Java Generics are a language feature that allows for definition and use of parameterized types and methods. The way generics change collections is not the end of the story.

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